I founded neatly Cotswolds in 2018 following a period of burnout. I have a first-class honours degree in Health, Community Development and Social Care and my background is in the charity sector. I am trauma informed and therapeutically trained. Before I burnt out, I had been working full time and taking care of a busy family, including 3 children plus running a 3 bedroomed house. It always felt extra hard to create the calm, beautiful space I strived for. No matter how hard I worked at it, the house always seemed chaotic. It added to the stress that I felt.

I set my mind to simplify my daily life. I researched declutterers and organisers, trying multiple techniques and systems and have created an integrative style that works very well. I created neatly to be able to help others by combining all of my skills in one role. It’s a deeply satisfying journey for both myself and my clients. We start by discussing what you would like for your home and your mind and then I create an approach tailored to provide clarity and ease. I adore the feeling of leaving people with a home that they can maintain and be at peace in.

I have since cleared out 7 bedroomed country mansions ahead of a sale; supported older people that are living without families or support nearby; and I have helped people with their life admin and provided motivation and guidance for general ‘adulting’. Each person I have worked with has found my service rewarding in their own way. I’m happy to consider working online as a virtual assistant, or in the home. I will consider small spaces, large ones, storage lock ups and anything in between.


In 2021 was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and life finally made a lot of sense. I have naturally attracted many neurodivergent clients in my time as a professional organiser and understand how issues with executive functioning can make this a particularly difficult area. What we do works because of how we do it. It’s a privilege to play a practical part on a person’s journey to creating the home and life that they dream of. I am passionate about passing on the gifts of understanding, clarity, ease and simplicity

Life Coaching 

Our lead declutterer Charlotte Keen is also a fully trained trauma informed, certified person-centred relational life coach. 

Coaching can be particularly helpful when people are feeling stuck in systems which are not working for them. It can also help with navigating change, confusion, or periods of transition. Using a holistic, strengths based approach and exploring ways to discover and harness their intrinsic strengths, she has held and guided people along their journey for over 20 years. 

Coaching can take place online and in person. It is particularly useful in helping people to become motivated out of overwhelm and providing techniques and bespoke solutions to tackle other aspects of life, including:

  • Self-esteem and worth
  • Addiction 
  • Family and Relationships including Parenting
  • Workplace
  • ADHD and Autism
  • Chronic fatigue, Burnout and Long Covid

You can find out more about Life Coaching here


I would like to introduce Nic, the newest member of our team. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of the neurodivergent community, Nic combines heartfelt commitment to fostering well-being through support work, and practical solutions to create organised, calming spaces and reduce overwhelm. 

Using a personalised and empathetic approach, Nic brings friendliness, positivity and warmth to her work at neatly. 

With a varied background as a professional athlete, co-founder of a training and development company and Welfare Manager/officer, Nic provides a unique set of skills to help others overcome challenges and achieve their goals. 

“I believe in the transformative power of supporting others to unlock their full potential. neatly’s holistic approach to working with the mindset as well as the living space suits my passion for supporting others.  Collaborating with clients on the decluttering journey is just one aspect of this work. Together we can also set meaningful goals in other areas. I am on hand to guide people on the journey toward personal and professional growth, in whatever way best suits the individual. 

Having personally experienced the challenges of mental health, especially when my sports career was cut short due to injury, I understand how life can feel overwhelming at times. However, I believe that with the right support, people can thrive, not just survive. As a trained psychometric practitioner, I can offer additional data and insight to raise self-awareness and improve communication in personal, home and work lives.

My approach is built on trust, active listening, and a genuine commitment to helping individuals discover their strengths and overcome obstacles. Having worked with clients alongside Charlotte, I recognize the challenges of opening your home and being vulnerable. We will proceed at your pace in a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental way.”

Having both worked in support roles for many years, we are also able to signpost, refer and connect people to other aspects of support within their own communities and networks. Whether providing emotional support, assisting with overwhelming life admin tasks, or embarking on a rejuvenating journey of decluttering to reclaim your space, Nic and Charlotte are committed to creating a nurturing environment where clients feel valued and heard.