Decluttering and Support Work

This can happen online, or in person. Support can include

    • Organisation of home or office space
    • Paperwork and admin support
    • Removal of unwanted items
    • Mentoring support to face difficult tasks
    • Motivational Body Doubling
    • One-off deep cleans
    • House moves, downsizing or sale
    • House clearances following death and bereavement 

What does it cost?

Hourly rate: £45 for a minimum of two hours

4 hour half day package: £170

8 hour full day package £300

A cheaper hourly rate and payment instalment plans are available to people on a low income and struggling with clutter in their homes.


Pay it Forward

I offer a slightly higher ‘pay it forward’ rate for those wishing to help subsidise my work with people that are less able to afford it. Please speak to me about this during your consultation.


Access to Work

Invoicing and quotes are available for those wishing to use their support award. Please talk to me about this. I aim to be flexible wherever possible.