“My chaotic-I’ll-put-it-away-later way of not actually organising, affected my mental health. I was so ashamed of my mess that I didn’t invite anyone to my home. I say home but it was really a warehouse in the end for all the stuff I needed to sort out. When I accepted help from Charlotte at neatly, I was still a little embarrassed but felt comfortable enough to let her do her thing.
Charlotte was beyond accepting of my chaos and gently guided me through the process. I never felt controlled or pressured- I was worried she’d tell me what I could keep or throw.  She didn’t. The result was relief as my wardrobe and cupboards, for the first time in many years I have comprehensive order that I can keep.  Clothes folded and clutter gone. It has freed up my mind and I feel somehow lighter. I highly recommend the services of neatly.”
Susana: 2 Bedroomed Cottage:

I can’t recommend highly enough. I feel radically different after having Charlotte take me through my mess. I now have space in my life – physically, mentally and emotionally!!  I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with decluttering and bringing any order to my life. Lots of held on emotional attachments and my belongings were scattered in various places including two storage containers. Boxes of paperwork, bags of clothes and piles of miscellaneous “stuff”… bit by bit we’ve gone through it and she’s shown me a system I’ve been able to stick by.  I wish i had done this years ago. It’s been a heavy load I carried around for way too long.
If you are even on this page and considering this, well done. You’ve taken the first step… be brave and at least make a call for a consultation. Honestly- After that, I felt some hope and the rest has been lovingly guided by Charlotte and neatly.
Clare Honeyfield

I just wanted to thank you for helping me make SUCH a difference to my bedroom cupboard, drawers etc etc………everything
is now so neat, tidy and organised and long may that last!  I know that I would NEVER have gone on all day doing that amount
of clearing without your help and guidance, and encouragement – so, many thanks!  I will highly recommend you to anyone else I hear talking about ‘clearing out’!!  I hope some charity shop/s will have benefitted too.
Jo, 4 Bedroom Cotswold Farmhouse.

Charlotte is not only lovely and kind but I appreciated how reliable and fair she is too which is rare to find. She helped me tremendously in my kitchen and reorganised everything in such a way that I’m not dreading cleaning it anymore as everything has it’s place and easy to put it back compared to what it was initially. Looking forward to having her help again.


So so happy with Charlotte. neatly Cotswolds was amazing! Helped my auntie clear her house and also my parents who really needed help. She takes away anything unwanted for you and gives great tips on how to keep and maintain the hard work which she had done. I cannot thank her enough and truly recommend her service!!


“I felt completely overwhelmed at the prospect of decluttering my life. I had possessions locked away in storage, in my parent’s loft, a garage full of boxes, paperwork which I hadn’t looked out for many years – so understandably I never dealt with it. Charlotte helped me break down all these fears. She took me through clearing and organising everything and I now have a system which feels easy to follow and live by. I have more space in my head, my garage can finally have a use and I’ve let go of my storage containers. I can’t say just how grateful I feel!!”

Lisa: 1 Bedroomed house, with garage and sort through of 2 storage lock ups.

Charlotte from Neatly Cotswolds is a decluttering magician! Her unique blend of mindfulness, coaching, sensitivity, and professionalism truly sets her apart. Her hands-on assistance was not just helpful; it helped me to reclaim my space.
Charlotte’s structured plan and non-judgmental approach immediately put me at ease. She wasn’t just supportive; she made everything feel manageable.

Anytime I felt overwhelmed, Charlotte was quick to recognize it, suggesting we pause and take breaths. This mindful approach made a world of difference in easing my anxiety throughout the process.

As someone who is neurodiverse, finding professionals who understand my needs can be challenging. However, Charlotte’s extensive experience working with neurodiverse clients was evident in her respectful and accommodating approach.

I can’t recommend Charlotte from Neatly Cotswolds highly enough. Her expertise goes beyond decluttering; she transforms your entire approach to organization. If you find yourself needing decluttering service do yourself a favour and reach out to Charlotte!


I had moved three times within 16 months due to a break up, now I’m back in my permanent home where I feel happiest. However I suffered a huge blockage, sorting and unpacking coupled with my ability to keep anything and everything for a rainy day, it was really affecting me. Nothing had a place. Every day I would whinge about the mess and feel very overwhelmed.  Immediatly I felt comfortable with Charlotte, if a little embarrassed by the state of the house.
The children absolutely loved her and asked many times when will she be back.  After two sessions, it is still early days with my sorting and decluttering due to time constraints. But I have cleared a mental blockage. I have the knowledge and confidence to keep going!! I am hoping to “go it alone” for a bit and then get Charlotte back again for the mammoth task of toy sorting. Also planning a new kitchen and will be asking Charlotte to help me with kitchen stuff!
Recommend for sure
Lucy 3 Bedroom House